• Series 440 favorite
    Series 440 favorite
  • Genius II Drehstuhl
    Genius II Drehstuhl
  • Alerto
  • Attivo
  • Black&White (Mesh)
    Black&White (Mesh)
  • Black&White (Upholstered)
    Black&White (Upholstered)
  • Economy


Design: Eckard Hansen & Prof. Gerhard Reichert

Benefits across hierarchies

genius II is more than just a chair. It is a complete chair range! There are models to suit all employees in any office, cutting across hierarchies. Ranging from functional VDU seating to representative executive versions with mesh backrests and additional headrests to stackable seating for visitors and conferences/meetings. In design terms everything comes from a single source! Excellent quality materials and workmanship. Designed for a very long useful life.


genius II, Ausgezeichnet
mit einem der weltweit
renommiertesten Designpreise.


 genius || brochure

 dsa ergonomics presentation

 genius II instruction manual in english

 genius Bedinungsanleitung in dutch

 genius FACTS teststory 09/2009


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