• Ginkgo(Starfoot)
  • Ginkgo (Skid)
    Ginkgo (Skid)
  • Major Lowback
    Major Lowback
  • Major Highback
    Major Highback
  • Sigmund Couch
    Sigmund Couch
  • Hibiscus (4-foot)
    Hibiscus (4-foot)
  • Hibiscus (Starfoot)
    Hibiscus (Starfoot)
  • Siluette Seat
    Siluette Seat
  • Siluette 2-seat
    Siluette 2-seat
  • Night & Day (Starfoot)
    Night & Day (Starfoot)
  • Night & Day (4-foot)
    Night & Day (4-foot)
  • Momo
  • Series 360
    Series 360
  • Mahonia

Major Highback
Design by Sitia Design Department

Even before it became a seating. Major was a concept: experirnceing daily life with fluidity. because finding a comfotable sitting position in every situation and occasion of our day can offer a more natural transition from one daily living context to the next.


The office if the future will be able to offer a much more articulated service than that imagined until now. Since a growing number of individuals aspire to be involved in the decisions and choises that affect their work enviroment. Offices can no longer be designed ignoring the other two fundamental dimensions of daily life: the social system and the private sphere.

 Major brochure


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