• Ginkgo(Starfoot)
  • Ginkgo (Skid)
    Ginkgo (Skid)
  • Major Lowback
    Major Lowback
  • Major Highback
    Major Highback
  • Sigmund Couch
    Sigmund Couch
  • Hibiscus (4-foot)
    Hibiscus (4-foot)
  • Hibiscus (Starfoot)
    Hibiscus (Starfoot)
  • Siluette Seat
    Siluette Seat
  • Siluette 2-seat
    Siluette 2-seat
  • Night & Day (Starfoot)
    Night & Day (Starfoot)
  • Night & Day (4-foot)
    Night & Day (4-foot)
  • Momo
  • Series 360
    Series 360
  • Mahonia

Design by Sitia Design Department

Expectation, listening, participation. More individual together, in different situations, different places, with a common interest. The basic concept: practicality, convenience, a pragmatic solution for easy, comfortable use. Easy to arrange, integrate,move and clean. This is MOMO: an essential line that multiplies with unmistakable aesthetic effects. In flexible polyurethane, with a metal structure in the seat back and chromium-plated frame in tubular steel, with polished aluminum feet.

 Momo brochure


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