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    SNS Vision
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    Sitzschalen DURO
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    Chair transport wagon

SNS Vision

The Seating Management System.


SNS makes building facility management as well as the organisation and handling of specific events a whole lot easier. For once seat numbering plans for various events or rooms have been produced in virtual format, they can be retrieved for other events as required.


Saves time and money.


Compared with numbering by hand, this system saves around 90 % of the time usually required to complete this task. And you benefit event after event!


Increases appeal.


Corporate logos, event names, guest names, seats for VIPs and members of the press – every conceivable additional detail can be indicated on the display.


Maintains high degree of flexibility.


It’s no problem if circumstances change shortly before the event. If other guests of honour have to be named, if seating arrangements, quantities or tagging still have to be altered. The parameters of each individual chair can be directly accessed by remote control and adapted to new circumstances.


 SNS-Vision brochure

Bericht in der Fachzeitschrift AiT

Artikel "ZIM - Erfolgsbeispiel" - herausgegeben vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWI), Berlin


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