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Dynamic Swing

The seat tilt mechanism dynamicswing [dsA]
Enjoy even more freedom through more dynamic sitting!


With every change of posture, the dynamicswing-mechanism [dsA] facilitates the movement that is required in the lumbar, pelvic and hip regions of the body for these to function properly.


Rock yourself fit!


The seat tilt movement makes your swivel chair into the ideal piece of "fitness apparatus" to exercise your pelvic region in between times by means of a healthy rocking motion: 


- Sit relaxed with your back straight
- angle your legs slightly to the rear
- now move your pelvic region back and forth the seat also "rocks"
- and already after one or two "rocking movements" you notice the loosening, gymnastic effect in the lumbar/pelvic/ hip region of your body.


You can also lock the seat tilt mechanism in any position.


By applying light pressure you can return the seat to the desired position and operate the lever underneath the seat.


Genius II Office chair
Alerto Offcie chair
Attivo Office chair


 Dynamic Swing Information


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